Canada Post | More than mail

Canada Post | More than mail

The&Partnership | The Vanity

Shed was commissioned by The&Partnership and TheVanity to create the graphics and animation for Canada Post's More than mail ad. 

The first part of our mandate was to illustrate Canada Post's letters and parcels as migratory birds, traveling from coast to coast.

Ahead of production, we set out to explore different ways of making these letters fly. Different ways of folding them, making them flap their wings, and grouping them into a v-formation.

In the next scene, toys attempt to enter a package left open on the counter of a toy store. 
Our brief began with the design of these toys. They had to have a vintage feel, without looking old. 

In animation, some could demonstrate a certain flexibility, while others were more limited in their movements.

We had a lot of fun exploring different possibilities and inventing these toys that take control of their destiny!

Some scenes evolve during production. Here, a truck comes to drop off parcels in a residential building.

Various approaches have been explored to evoke the truck.

In the end, a 3D truck was added across the street.

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